Dr. Amane Abdul-Razzak

Originally from Hamilton Ontario, Dr. Amane pursued undergraduate training at McMaster University in Chemical Engineering. She eventually followed her dream of practising medicine by attending medical school also at McMaster University. This was followed by a Family Medicine residency at the University of Calgary and an MSc in Health Research Methodology within the prestigious Department of Clinical Epidemiology at McMaster University.

Dr. Amane has published peer-reviewed research papers, an invited book chapter, and has received awards for teaching medical residents within the University of Calgary. She loves the challenge of breaking down complex information into simple and understandable messages, and her students appreciate her evidence-based approach to teaching.

Dr. Amane has several years of experience in hospital medicine, palliative care and currently practices aesthetic medicine and GP dermatology in Calgary, Alberta. Over the past several years, she has grown to appreciate the impact that aesthetic medicine can have on quality of life, self-confidence and the way one engages in the world. Her aesthetic medicine philosophy can be described as personalized, natural in approach and firmly rooted in current research.