Are you a dentist looking to expand your career opportunity? Why not try dipping your toe into aesthetic medicine through a Botox and fillers course for dentist? What you have learned and experienced as a dentist (the administration injections, knowledge of complex maxillofacial area) are enough to form an incredible foundation to transition into Botox and dermal fillers. We are offering a Botox certification course dentists will be interested in. We are also offering insights into how the industry can work in your advantage, such as new regulations that require trained doctors to perform injectable procedures. Because a dentist can prescribe drugs, Botox can become a seamless new skill in your repertoire.

botox and dermal filler courses for dentists

Our Botox and dermal filler courses for dentists are tailored specifically for you to quickly and safely integrate what you have learned into your usual practice. 

What kind of career can you expect after taking dentist botox training courses?

A career in Aesthetic medicine can be quite profitable and rewarding thanks to the rising popularity of the health & wellness industry. Everyone wants to look their best and are ready to pay premium prices to achieve that look.

If you think about it, you can tell that dentistry and aesthetics are quite similar, especially when we look at cosmetic dentistry. A lot of patients will sometimes go to a cosmetic dentistry office to take a variety of treatments that will give their teeth and jaw a better look. This is no different from them visiting an aesthetic spa to enhance their facial features.

For example, cosmetic dentists will be trained to administer treatments as simple as teeth whitening, to something more complex, such as porcelain veneers, repairing broken or ugly teeth, and dental implants.

A beautiful and glowing smile is one of the greatest boosts of self-esteem and well-being for someone. So why not add some Botox injection skills by taking a Botox certification course dentists can benefit from? 

New skills you can learn from taking dentist botox training courses

As a dentist, you already have a lot of transferable skills that are well-suited to the cosmetic industry. Manual and complex procedures, as well as anesthetic injections, are all too familiar to you. On top of all that, your extensive knowledge of anatomy, never supply, vasculature, and facial musculature will come in handy.

You won’t be alone in wanting to come to the cosmetic industry. Many dentists have reported that their already broad skill set greatly benefits from Botox and dermal filler courses for dentists. Botox is FDA-certified to enhance dental work, such as TMJ, even though it is for cosmetic purposes. 

Your already established clinic can expand in business scope

Other medical practitioners don’t have established clinics as a dentist does. And that is a fundamental advantage. Your pre-existing client base allows you to save up a lot of time and money on finding customers for your new cosmetic services on offer. Once you graduated from our Botox and fillers course for dentists, you can perform cosmetic procedures in your established clinic and attract new customers who are already familiar with your practice in the past. 

The Bottom Line

Botox injections are no longer just something exclusive to the cosmetic industry. As a dentist, having another skill added into your already extensive repertoire will help enhance your client’s satisfaction even more. If you have limited time and want to make sure your investment is worthwhile, you can count on our Botox courses for dentists.